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6 reasons of building a Mobile App

Digital Marketer
Mobile Apps offer businesses a lot of opportunities as they help to improve the referral rates. They can also boost new product and service adoption rates.

Under the digital transformation trend, website building is one of the milestones for almost every business. While over 80% of websites are visited via mobile browser instead of laptop, especially for B2C businesses. Some also regard mobile app building as a milestone. However, is mobile app a necessity if my business is undergoing digital transformation? Here are the reasons to build a mobile app for your business.


People cannot live without smartphone


Due to Covid-19, most of our activities have switched to online. People are now spending an average of 4.2 hours per day using apps on their smartphones and more than 80% of people are using smartphones. Therefore, the market of smartphones’ app is large and will keep growing in the future. 


Optimize business processes


Most Business to Customers (B2C) companies will build mobile apps for membership, service booking and e-commerce to increase profit and efficiency. Business to Business (B2B) companies may believe that mobile apps cannot benefit them. However, building mobile apps can cut costs and increase work efficiency. For example, a mobile app for your team to help facilitate internal communication and project management. Overall, it can increase the team’s unity and help track the business processes. For small organisations with limited budgets, it can be an option to incorporate HR oriented apps to help manage the team.


Expand your business 


Despite the website being the first platform customers get in touch with the company. When the character of your customers changes from visitors to customers and you would like them to become regular customers, the simplest way is to install your company’s app on their mobile. The app can facilitate transactions which can enhance the customers’ satisfaction and boost the profit growth. If you have already built a website, you may consider building a mobile app.


Better User Experience (UX)


Building a mobile app can enhance user experiences. Firstly, there are a wide range of functionalities within our phones, which can help create a user-friendly experience. For example, if users need to upload paper documents in the app, they can simply take photos and upload without quitting the app. Moreover, mobile apps have various advantages when compared to web apps like faster operation speed, and workable in a no-internet environment. 


Increase Customer Loyalty


Mobile apps can help increase customer loyalty. There is a special function of mobile apps: push notifications. With customized push messages, you can get attention from customers easily. For example, you can encourage customers who placed products in their shopping cart to check out. You can also promote your new events using push notification. Apart from pushing notifications to increase customer return rate, issuing e-stamps can also help. Collecting points to redeem a gift will increase consumer sentiment. Using mobile apps to issue or collect points is a more convenient way when compared with using traditional physical stamp cards. Also, having a gamification app can make sure your customers visit the app regularly and increase their sense of belonging.


Collect data and Accurate Customer Positioning


Mobile apps can help businesses to collect data for further analysis e.g. time spent on each page and access time. The collected data can be used to conduct customer behavior analytics to determine the what, where, when, how, and for how long about your customer's online behavior. Through data analysis, you can have a better understanding of customer needs. Additionally, the data can provide valuable insights to help you evaluate the effectiveness of different campaigns, make improvements and increase profitability.

Building a mobile app can definitely help you to smoothen the administrative process and expand your digital business. However, the operation and maintenance cost of a mobile app is relatively high. In order to maximize the budget, you should spot out all the needs and customize your own mobile app. 

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