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Understanding the different types of Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketer
Understanding the different types of Digital Marketing Strategy


Different types of digital marketing strategy


There are different ways and methods to conduct a digital marketing campaign. In order to have a successful campaign, you should first spot out your business goals. Thus, the consultant will set a digital marketing plan which can achieve your marketing goals via online channels for you. Here are some examples of digital marketing strategies:


Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing enables individuals to promote their websites, products or services through social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Social media can also be used to provide customer service and reduce the distance between you and your customers.You can use a variety of interactive formats to deliver important messages and increase engagements. Other than creating a page or account for your company, you can also set advertisement campaigns on social media.

In DigitSense, our team of strategists, copywriters, and creators will create the best social media profile for you. Not only is social media a creative space, it also contributes to search engine optimization where we promote post sharing, review building, keyword optimization etc. We can also help you set up the most eye-catching ads campaign.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization while SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. They are both related to search engines like Google and Yahoo. 

SEO means to improve the ranking of your website in various keywords by favouring the different algorithms of search engines. Throughout this process you can improve the organic traffic and ranking of your website on search engines. It can also enhance the conversion rate of your website.

SEM is the process of paid search advertising. The most common SEM is setting keyword search advertisements on Google ads. Using paid ads is a quick and useful approach for promoting your new products and events, or increasing your brand awareness in a short period of time.

Read more: What is SEO and SEM? What is the difference between them? 


Content Marketing


Content marketing is a marketing strategy for creating and publishing content for a specific group of people. When conducting content marketing, the consultant will first discuss the marketing goals and advertising channels with the company. Then the consultant will be in charge of producing and distributing valuable content. The content should be relevant to the brand and also innovative so as to attract the attention of the audience. Thus deepen consumers' impression of the brand's products and services.

DigitSense is your one-stop solution for your brand’s content. We partner with global creators and platforms to create different kinds of content. We will also provide all technological solutions to manage your order fulfilment processes with the flexibility for you to monitor globally as well as multiply your sales / brand awareness.


Email Marketing


Email Marketing is the process of using email to send product/service information to subscribers / potential clients. Companies can choose to send different information to the receiver like sales / service / news / events / promotion and other advertisements. It helps build up customer loyalty, trust and brand awareness, so as to enhance customer relationships. It can also promote the effect of acquiring new customers / direct link / repurchase.

In DigitSense, our engineers web scraping available data on open sources, consolidate the correct audience contact details for our clients by geographical location, company name, industry, title, company size, revenue etc. Our SDR team will help you automate email campaigns, you then takeover from the deal closing stage!

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