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What is Digital Marketing?

25 April 2022

What is Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing is to execute different marketing strategies to promote the brand, propagate products, spread ideas etc. through the internet. With most people nowadays owning a smartphone and having easy access to the internet, digital marketing is crucial for companies. It helps focus on targeted audiences with a large and global reach.

Features of digital marketing

  1. High efficiency and flexibility

Through digital marketing your ideas can be spread quickly and able to overcome geographical barriers compared with marketing.With traditional marketing strategies, after you have designed a poster, you have to print them out and distribute them. However, with digital marketing strategies, after you have designed a poster, you just need to click “Send” to reach out to others even if they are far away from you.

  1. Interactive

Interacting with customers is the advantage of digital marketing. You are able to receive reviews, comments and feedback from the customers and respond to them regardless of the time and space constraints. Throughout the interaction, the business can fully know the users’ thoughts, habits and needs. While having this information, the business can optimize their products and services. Communication can make the customers feel the business puts them in the first place and gain trust from the customers.

  1. Tailor made

There are different ways to do digital marketing such as email marketing, social media posts, content marketing, banner advertisement etc. Businesses can decide which digital channels to use based on their target audience after evaluating the position, value and effect of different platforms. Other than that, digital marketing is able to track and respond to your customers, after you have collected data from them, you can have tailor made marketing for different clients in a click.

At DigitSense, we offer streamlined data marketing solutions, from adtech to user-generated content. Align your transformation strategy with customer intelligence collected from every engagement, impression and conversion statistic! Want to learn more about the different 'Digital Marketing Strategy'? Read our next blog on 'Different Types of Digital Marketing Strategy'.

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