Digital Marketing- Commercialising Your Product

Dynamic digital marketing graphic displaying a variety of strategies including SEO, content creation, email marketing, and social media promotion to enhance online presence and engagement.

Developing your digital product is only the first step, marketing it is the key.

DigitSense is not a digital marketing agency. Even though we provide such services, our offers in digital marketing are mainly to commercialise digital products.

Perhaps it’s easier to phrase it this way:

Who knows the products better than the designers and developers themselves?
What’s the point of investing in developing a digital product if it’s not marketed properly?


Search Engine Optimization

When we develop websites, we always take SEO into account since it’s the prerequisite to driving traffic to any websites or web applications.
  • On-site SEO
  • Off-site SEO
  • Content SEO
  • Technical SEO


Website performance optimization

Content changes and SERPs take time to reflect on Google search engine. The faster and more direct way of boosting your website SEO friendliness is to optimization the speed and responsiveness of your website.


Social media marketing

What if your product isn’t web based? Or are you targeting B2C clients? Or you are running a cutting edge technology that most people won’t understand the benefits of?

Social media is a part that you should never miss. Not only does it contribute traffic, it’s also the most important factor for driving brand awareness, in order to educate your customers about an innovative product like yours.


Product data analytics

All products have room for improvement. Product pivoting or optimization are often derived from user behaviour analytics.
  • Google Analytics GA4, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio
  • Amplitude
  • Sisense, and more…

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