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DigitSense started off as a digital transformation consultancy, serving clients from Asia, Europe to North America. Now we are a digital product development company with an in-house team of experts in digital product design, development and digital marketing. We work with sales, marketing and technology teams in providing the best digital optimization solutions in building new revenue streams.

Our Values

We improve your product UX based on user testing results and marketing data analytics.

User Engagement

We improve your product user experiences based on user testing results and marketing data analytics.

We always design and deliver a product with complete understanding of your business objectives.

Business Understanding

We never design or deliver a product without understanding the business objectives and goals. Creating revenue with digital products is of our utmost importance.

We utilise our expertise in digital strategy, and web development, to provide customized solutions

Expertise and Experience

We improve your product user experiences based on user testing results and marketing data analytics.

We serve companies of all size, and incorporate agile methodologies from startups, and professionalism from corporates

Startup and Corporate Clientele

We serve companies of all sizes. Not only do we incorporate agile methodologies from startups, we also run our company with professionalism like a corporate.

What we do

Product Design

At DigitSense we recognize that UI/UX design is not just about creating visually appealing interfaces, but also about ensuring that every element is purposefully designed to support your business objectives.

Creative and user-centric digital product design showcasing innovative interface and user experience.

Product Development

Our expertise in web and mobile development, ensures that your digital products are not only functional but deliver value to your customers. From frontend to backend development, quality assurance, and project management, we've got you covered.

Innovative product development process visual, highlighting stages of ideation, design, development, and implementation.

Digital Marketing

While we offer digital marketing services, our main focus is on commercializing digital products. Our designers and developers know will know your products inside out, making us the best choice for marketing them to their full potential.

Our team of digital marketers will best understand how you product is developed, and it's unique selling points.


“We are your strategists, your developers and your transformation partner”

Meet Our Core Intelligence


Moon Yiu


"Operating a business is just like a painting on a canvas. Appealing to an audience with the right strategy outlines and marketing it with the right colours to make it shine."

Experienced in culturally and geographically diverse markets, Moon is an entrepreneur who has helped startups and established corporations with new business ventures and global expansion, all across EMEA, APAC, and North America. She specializes in digital consulting and software development. With her exceptional knowledge on technology solutions and digital commercialization, she will be able to meticulously analyse your company’s needs and efficiently execute your digital transformation with us.

Randi Faturrakhman is the Deputy Tech Lead in DigitSense

Randi Faturrakhman

Deputy Tech Lead

"Good software is when engineers put beauty into it."

GeeHim Siu is a Tech Advisor in DigitSense

GeeHim Siu

Tech Advisor

"There is an easy way and a hard way. The hard part is finding the easy way."

Muhammad Mirza is an UI/UX Designer in DigitSense

Muhammad Mirza

UI/UX Designer

"Rule of thumb for UI design: to create a positive UX, no explanation should be needed."

Wahyu Widodo is a Full Stack Developer in DigitSense

Wahyu Widodo

Full Stack Developer

"while (noSuccess) { tryAgain(); if(dead) break; }"

Toon is the Growth Executive at DigitSense, working on business development and digital marketing

Toon Vanabriksha

Growth Executive

"Growth is the intersection of vision and adaptability!"

Ghozi Fidaul is the Mobile App & Front End Developer at Digitsense

Ghozi Fidaul

Mobile App & Front End Developer

"Crafting pixels into purpose, one line of code at a time"

Huda is the Fullstack Developer at Digitsense


Fullstack Developer

"From the backend to the frontend, I bridge visions with reality."

Meilinda is the Project Manager & QA Engineer at DigitSense


Project Manager & QA Engineer

"Sell Solutions, not Products -May"

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