DigitSense is your one-stop digital transformation solution provider.


With Us

Your Business Objectives are Our Goals


Customer Engagement

We improve your user experiences based on customer intelligence, from marketing technologies to web development.


Data-Oriented Solutions

We are data-oriented at heart; we gather, analyze and act upon new and existing data. We believe in trackable measurements from KPIs and audience reactions.


Digital Transformation

We are dedicated to transforming your business digitally from sales, e-Commerce to sales & marketing technologies.


Expertise and Experience

With our wide client base and international team composition, we have gathered international partners and experienced professionals as your support team.


Business Growth and Market Expansion

Our services suit all business sizes, from startups to corporates. We support your business to reach further digitally and internationally.


Cost Effective and Efficient

Focus on your core competencies , and we will provide you with the most efficient solution, from marketing technologies to machine learning.


“We are your strategists, your developers and your transformation partner”

Meet Our Core Intelligence


Moon Yiu


"Operating a business is just like a painting on a canvas. Appealing to an audience with the right strategy outlines and marketing it with the right colours to make it shine."

Experienced in culturally and geographically diverse markets, Moon is an entrepreneur who has helped startups and established corporations with new business ventures and global expansion, all across EMEA, APAC, and North America. She specializes in digital consulting and software development. With her exceptional knowledge on technology solutions and digital commercialization, she will be able to meticulously analyse your company’s needs and efficiently execute your digital transformation with us.


Blasius Cosa

Senior Full Stack Developer and Tech Manager

"Before software can be reusable it first has to be usable."


Michelle Yim

General Manager

"People are at the core of every business. To have great customer experience, we need to build great employee and partner experiences."


Muhammad Mirza

UI/UX Designer

"Rule of thumb for UI design: to create a positive UX, no explanation should be needed."


Randi Faturrakhman

Senior Frontend Developer

"Good software is when engineers put beauty into it"

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